3 Reasons to love the Milwaukee Bucks' 3 free agency pickups

The Bucks have been making solid moves.
NBA : Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles
NBA : Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles / Anadolu/GettyImages
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The Milwaukee Bucks haven't swung for the fences throughout 2024 NBA Free Agency, but they were never expected to do so.

Instead, with nothing but minimum and two-way contracts at their disposal, the team was always set to just make a few moves around the edges. In the opening days of free agency, they have done just that, bringing three new players to town. While nothing will be certain until the players are on the floor, the general consensus right away is that these are good additions to the Milwaukee Bucks roster.

Let's analyze why these three, Delon Wright, Stanley Umude and Taurean Prince, are all good fits for this Milwaukee Bucks team.

No. 1 - They all help the Bucks get younger

The NBA is very quickly becoming a young man's game. It was very apparent this past season that did not bode well for the Milwaukee Bucks, who were among the oldest teams in the league. When facing one of these younger, more athletic teams, Milwaukee oftentimes ran into trouble and struggled. Just because a player is young doesn't mean they are an upgrade, but in this case, it does help.

Wright signs with the Bucks after just turning 32 years old, while Prince is just a couple of years below that at 30. Umude just turned 25, so he will be another nice addition to what is shaping up to be a nice young core in Milwaukee. All three will help lower the average age of this roster, allowing the Bucks to combat the recent youth movement in the NBA to some degree.

Rather than following their typical blueprint of adding older players who are beyond their primes, the Bucks have picked up two veterans who are still quality contributors and a youngster who could get there in no time. It's a nice switch-up for this Milwaukee Bucks front office and one that could pay off in a big way.