3 Reasons to love the Milwaukee Bucks' 3 free agency pickups

The Bucks have been making solid moves.
NBA : Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles
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No. 3 - They all provide more versatility for the Bucks

Over the last few seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks have been plagued by a lack of versatility. Due to the personnel they've employed, they've been unable to utilize some of their best lineups. Several of their rotational players have been limited in how much they can do, whether it's due to their age, height, quickness, length or whatever else. These three should help.

Wright gives the Bucks a 6-foot-5 player who can play either guard position. That means when they want him to handle the ball and run the bench, he can. When they want him to play alongside point guard Damain Lillard, Wright can play off the ball and focus more on his defense. With his height and length, he can defend multiple positions and hold his own in switch-heavy situations.

Prince does a lot of the same at the forward position. He can play both small and power forward, utilizing his 6-foot-6 stature and 7-foot wingspan to hold his own defensively while making plays offensively. For a team that has seemingly been relying on 6-foot-5 wings consistently over these past few years, adding a legitimate tall, lengthy wing is a nice change of pace.

With height and switchability, Prince could be the key to unlocking Milwaukee's small lineups when they put Giannis Antetokounmpo at center, putting Prince at the four spot. This combination was a key factor in the Milwaukee Bucks winning it all in 2021, as P.J. Tucker played this role to perfection. Prince could be the next best thing, though his defense is not quite on 2021 Tucker's level.

Also standing at 6-foot-6, Umude gives the Bucks a lengthy two-guard who, as mentioned has some nice potential defensively. If he ever does get on the floor for Milwaukee, it will be due to his defensive potential. He could thrive when the Bucks are in switching schemes, something they will likely look to employ more this coming season.

With The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reporting that there are rumblings of the Milwaukee Bucks wanting to play a more versatile style of defense this coming season, these three are all excellent fits.

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