3 Reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks should not pursue P.J. Tucker via trade

Apr 2, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA;
Apr 2, 2023; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 3 - The Milwaukee Bucks may be able to sign P.J. Tucker from the buyout market

Even if the Bucks decide to pursue Tucker, it may not need to come as a trade. If another team doesn't offer the Clippers a can't refuse package for Tucker, the team may not get a trade finalized before the deadline. Tucker would be a buyout candidate for the Bucks if that is the case.

The best thing the team could hope for if its interest in Tucker remains is that he hits the buyout market. They could add him to the roster and only have to open up one of their other spots. The buyout market is the ideal way to target Tucker. By not making a trade, the Bucks don't have to give up any of their assets and can only add to their team.

The rumors of the team's interest in Tucker are understandable, considering what he could bring to the table for a struggling defensive squad. Let's pump the brakes on it a little bit, though.

Whereas Tucker is a fan-favorite in Milwaukee, that doesn't guarantee he is the best option for the Bucks via trade. There are plenty of players the Bucks should also target if possible. Crowder, if healthy, will be a great player to be the team's version of Tucker for this season.

There will be plenty of news and rumors about who the Bucks will pursue as trade targets. Stay tuned for updates with the trade deadline coming in February.