3 Reasons not to panic about the Milwaukee Bucks just yet post NBA All-Star break

Minnesota Timberwolves v Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Milwaukee Bucks superstar Damian Lillard found his footing during NBA All-Star weekend

Damian Lillard has not met expectations during his first season in Milwaukee. However, the All-Star break offered some encouragement that the Lillard Bucks fans expected when the trade was announced could be on the way coming out of the break.

Lillard shined during the All-Star festivities, starting with the 3-point contest on Saturday night. The superstar point guard scored the highest total in both rounds, with 26 points each round. He even added some drama to the final round, missing his first four shots but ending it in true Dame Time fashion by making the final shot and winning the contest.

Success from deep didn't stop only on Saturday for Lillard. He carried his success from events night into the All-Star Game on Sunday. Fans were given a display of the range Lillard has shooting from the outside. He finished the game 11-for-23 from beyond the arc, including making two half-court shots.

Lillard's long-range success during the game earned him the MVP of the game in Indianapolis. He finished the game with 39 points and six assists, winning the award over the hometown hero Tyrese Haliburton.

The All-Star break might have been a confidence builder for Lillard. If it is, the rest of the NBA should be put on notice. Few players in the entire league are feared more than a confident Damian Lillard.