2024 Roundtable: Exploring Bucks' options to improve via draft, free agency, trade

Which players should be on Milwaukee's radar as they aim to improve?
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3. Who do you like for the Milwaukee Bucks with the 33rd pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

Sell: If he's still on the board, Jaylon Tyson should be the pick. He'd be another lengthy wing who can provide defense, but he'd also bring a needed shot-creator to this bench brigade. The 6-foot-7 guard can put points on the board from all over the floor, which would be useful, especially if they are also able to snag Ryan Dunn in the first round.

Moxon: Should Jaylon Tyson be available, that is who this writer would take. If not, then Harrison Ingram is someone that can fit with the Bucks right now with his shooting ability but also defensive versatility. Jae Crowder is a free agent, and if the Bucks look to fill the wing spot, Ingram can do that. With three college seasons under his belt, he could help the Bucks now.

Marzion: There are more guys I like that are going in the second round than the late first round actually. My favorite is Pelle Larsson from Arizona. He can do seemingly everything and seems destined to be a good role player for a contender. Reminds me of Donte DiVincenzo or Christian Braun.

Schickert: At 33, there are several players I like as well; Ryan Dunn might be the best defender in the draft, and Terrence Shannon Jr. is likely to go between 23 and 33, but if he makes it to 33, he'd be a great pick. He's an absolute bucket. Otherwise, I like the idea of drafting Tyler Smith, who has received comparisons to former Milwaukee Buck Charlie Villanueva. Smith would be a great pick if Bobby Portis were to be traded.

LB: For pick 33, I love Kevin McCullar Jr. out of Kansas. I think you pair him with Jones and you could have some electric play and scoring from two young guys who are ready to play. Again, this draft is also going to be all about player development. To be able to hit on one of these two guys (think Malcolm Brogdon) this team could have a brighter future.

Valind: With the 33rd pick, the Bucks should consider Kevin McCullar Jr. from Kansas. McCullar is a great defender who could guard multiple positions. If he gets a significant amount of playing time, he needs some development on the offensive end, but his defensive ability makes it worth that risk for Milwaukee. With the possible departure of Jae Crowder to free agency this off-season, McCullar has the potential to be a replacement for that role.

Darias: The lack of on-ball creation is probably the biggest issue for the Bucks’ bench, and Antonio Reeves looks like a player who could fill that gap. He won’t likely be ready to be impactful every night, but has the potential to be really helpful when the star players need to catch a break and can help the team developing a less predictable offense.