Rumor roundup for the Milwaukee Bucks on the eve of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks
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The Milwaukee Bucks seem determined to make a deal before the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline passes.

The team has been mentioned in almost every rumor out there over the past few weeks, showing an intense sense of urgency to shake things up. Without wasting any more time, let's round up all of the rumors with the deadline a day away.

What are the Milwaukee Bucks offering in trades?

Following a slew of moves over the past few years, the Bucks are currently running low on assets in terms of draft capital. They currently possess just two second rounders. However, Yet, they appear to be on the hunt for more.

Per Yahoo Sports' insider Jake Fischer, the Bucks have contacted teams like the OKC Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans about trading their first-round pick swaps or second-round picks for future firsts. This would allow the Bucks to make more enticing offers elsewhere with an actual first-round pick at their disposal.

In terms of player assets, Bobby Portis is Milwaukee's most desirable piece outside of their core four due to his strong player and decently sized contract. Fischer mentions that the Bucks will think "long and hard" about dealing Portis before the deadline. Unless subsequent moves were made, moving on from Portis could leave Milwaukee thin in the frontcourt, likely what the front office is thinking about.

Fischer mentioned that second-year wing MarJon Beauchamp, who has been out of the rotation as of late, has been discussed in talks. As one of Milwaukee's few young players, he could be desirable. In another piece, Fischer said that Pat Connaughton, Cam Payne, and a 2024 second-round pick is currently the likeliest outgoing package for the Bucks in a possible deal.

Any bigger deal would require Portis and Connaughton due to their larger salaries.