Rumor roundup for the Milwaukee Bucks on the eve of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline

Golden State Warriors v Milwaukee Bucks
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Bucks did not initiate Dejounte Murray talks

Dejounte Murray is the hottest name left on the trade market, and he has been linked to the Bucks in recent weeks. However, it seems like he is an unlikely target. According to The Athletic's Eric Nehm (subscription required), talks between the Bucks and Atlanta Hawks were initiated by the latter just to see which teams may be interested in the guard.

Of course, the Bucks would be interested. He's arguably the best name rumored to be available right now and would make a major difference for this team. However, it's unclear if they truly have what it takes to get him, especially with the Los Angeles Lakers, who have better assets and picks, rumored to also be interested. The Bucks could get him, but it's a long shot.

A bigger backup point guard could be on Milwaukee's radar

With Cam Payne likely to be dealt, it makes sense that the Bucks might be looking at another backup point guard. Fischer mentioned in an aforementioned article that Washington's Delon Wright's name has been linked to the Bucks. After having undersized backup point guards for years, a 6-foot-5 floor general who is known for tough defense would be a welcoming addition.

Yet, any deal involving Wright should not feature him as the main piece. He's a good player, but he'd be better off as a complementary piece in a deal rather than the top prize. If the Bucks could piece together a deal to get O'Neale and Wright, that would be a big move to boost the perimeter defense and give the team a strong guard defender.

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