4 Secret weapons the Milwaukee Bucks have against the Indiana Pacers

For the Milwaukee Bucks to win this series, it might be time to pull out the "secret weapons"
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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AJ Green and the three

Green has been out recently, sitting out vs the Thunder with an ankle injury. He also missed the NBA regular-season finale against the Magic. Hopefully, that gave Green enough time to heal up. 

Green did not play much against Indiana (three minutes) this season spread across two games. That is exactly why he could be a great hidden weapon! He was kept pretty confidential.

Looking at his best game this season against Minnesota - 27 points, three assists, and only one turnover - Green could help Milwaukee steal some valuable bench minutes and affect the momentum of the game. Could you imagine what could happen if Green could nail a few threes in a row? I can!

Of course, what will truly dictate the momentum is how well Milwaukee shoots the three.

The Bucks average 38.1 3-point attempts per game. That was right on par with last season. 

Indiana shot 35.3 attempts per game.

The volume matters in shooting the three, but the “makes” per game matter even more. Milwaukee has a clear advantage here (14.2 vs 13.2). If Green can be that secret weapon and hit a few threes, along with some strong overall team shooting from behind the arc, that bodes well for a strong series for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Along with AJ Green (40.8 percent this season from behind the three), Malik Beasley could stand to get hot.