4 Secret weapons the Milwaukee Bucks have against the Indiana Pacers

For the Milwaukee Bucks to win this series, it might be time to pull out the "secret weapons"
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks
Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Malik Beasley and the "hot" game

When it comes to shooting the three, Malik Beasley has been great! He has been the best on the team this season, shooting 41.3 percent from three. Beasley averaged over 11 points per game on the year and had some stunning performances.

While he seemed to fall out of favor in Doc Rivers' starting lineup, he still played some meaningful minutes to end the season. Hopefully, this stretch of rest will help him get his legs and shot back.

Against Indiana this season, Beasley averaged 32 minutes per game. He, however, only scored nine points per game. Also, against Indiana, he never turned the ball over once. 

That feels like a secret; he has been a weapon this year for Milwaukee. Before he played for Milwaukee, he was also a good weapon for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Los Angeles Lakers. For both of those teams, he had some standout performances against the Pacers.

In 2021, while playing for the Timberwolves, Beasley dropped a cool 31 against Indiana. In 2019, while playing for Denver, Beasley dropped a cool 35 points on 12-of-17 shooting. Could you imagine what an impact 35 points from Beasley would make on a game against Indiana?

Whatever happens, you would like to see three or four makes from AJ Green and four to five makes from Malik Beasley. Just like in baseball, when someone gets a hit, it can be contagious for the whole team. The same can be said in basketball. If both of these players can hit their shots, that will certainly help everyone, big men included.