3 Sleeper free agent targets the Milwaukee Bucks should consider signing

These could be under the radar targets for the Bucks.
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Dario Saric

Possibly the biggest sleeper free agent target the Milwaukee Bucks could/should consider is Dario Saric. The Bucks saw plenty of Saric in the 2021 NBA Finals when he was a member of the Phoenix Suns, who the Bucks defeated to win their championship.

Saric has become a bit of a journeyman in the NBA, playing with five different teams in his career, three of the five for just one season. Why should he be of interest to the Milwaukee Bucks?

Dario Saric really doesn't get credit for how decent of an all-around player he is. Saric doesn't necessarily exceed at any one major thing. However, being able to do multiple things well does offer benefits as a versatile addition to the depth of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Looking at his per-36 minutes numbers, the picture of a really solid basketball player can be painted. For his career, Saric averages 16.7 points, 8.5 rebounds and three assists per 36 minutes.

Saric is a career 36.2 percent 3-point shooter, including 37.6 percent last season with the Golden State Warriors. As previously mentioned with Lonnie Walker IV, you can never have too much shooting around the Bucks' Big 3. Saric is also a career 83.9 percent free throw shooter.

Dario Saric isn't going to turn up on any All-NBA defense lists. Yet, his career 110.9 defensive rating could certainly be a lot worse. For reference, Bobby Portis' career defensive rating is 110.3; in his four seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, it's 111.

Also, a major reason for including Dario Saric on a list of sleeper free agents is the very real possibility that Bobby Portis could be traded this off-season. Portis does so much for the culture of the Bucks, but there is a possibility that in an effort to upgrade the roster, he could be moved.

If Bobby Portis were to be traded this off-season and the return doesn't include a power forward, Dario Saric would be a no-brainer to bring to the Milwaukee Bucks' second unit as a big man.