In small bursts, the Milwaukee Bucks' youth is showing legitimate potential

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Assessing MarJon Beauchamp's play for the Bucks

With a rare first round pick at their disposal heading into the 2022 NBA Draft, there was pressure on the Milwaukee Bucks to get their selection right. On the clock, they selected MarJon Beauchamp, a raw prospect from the G-League Ignite. On paper, he fit the mold of an athletic two-way wing that this team needed.

Throughout his first season and a half, Beauchamp has been in and out of the rotation, but there have been signs of potential. He's used that athleticism to put together his share of highlight-reel-worthy plays from time to time, whether it's a thunderous dunk or an excellent defensive possession. He is still aiming to build confidence, which has always been a major factor for the youngster.

Only playing about two more minutes per game this season, Beauchamp's numbers are pretty similar to what he put up last year. However, one area he has improved in is his efficiency. After shooting just 39.5 percent from the floor last year, he's up to 48.5 percent this season. That includes climbing from 33.1 percent from three as a rookie to 40.3 percent as a sophomore.

Beauchamp hasn't been a home run for the Bucks, but no one expected that he could come in and be an immediate difference-maker. He's still growing with each passing day, and the hope is that he can one day become a consistent rotation player for Milwaukee. Having just turned 23, he's got plenty of time to develop.

It'll be interesting to see where he's at in the rotation by the time the season ends, mainly regarding whether or not he can cement himself as a staple for Head Coach Adrian Griffin. There was hope he could become the legitimate wing defender this team needs, but that may take another year or two, especially as he's been out of the rotation over the last few games.