In small bursts, the Milwaukee Bucks' youth is showing legitimate potential

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A.J. Green continues to show sharp-shooting potential for the Bucks

That same night in 2022, the Milwaukee Bucks picked up A.J. Green, but it was not via a pick. The guard went undrafted before quickly signing with the Bucks on a two-way contract. The appeal was clear straight away, as Green made a name for himself in college as a legitimate perimeter shooter. The hope was that he could bring some of that to Milwaukee, and he certainly has.

Coming off a rookie year where he did not earn much playing time, Green is actually playing less on average this season. However, despite his limited time, he's still oftentimes catching eyes when he is on the floor, primarily due to that marksmanship. He can check into a game and get going instantly, which he has done from time to time this season.

Early in December, Green knocked down four triples in five attempts against the Chicago Bulls in what was an overtime win for Milwaukee. In one of the team's most recent contests, a blowout win over the Boston Celtics, Green only played nine total minutes, but he put up impressive numbers with nine points, two rebounds, two assists, and a blocked shot.

Though he hasn't managed to carve out a legitimate role for himself, Green's sweet perimeter stroke from college has held up in the NBA. He shot 41.9 percent last season, and he's up to 42.9 percent in 2023-24. If the Bucks weren't so hungry for defense, perhaps Green could crack the rotation due to how good of a perimeter shooter he is.

Finding his stride on defense will be the next step for Green. At 6-foot-4, 200 lbs, he's got good size, but he's got room to evolve on that end. No one will ever expect him to be an all-world player on the defensive end, but if he can become serviceable, Green may have a future in the NBA for a long time.