In small bursts, the Milwaukee Bucks' youth is showing legitimate potential

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Bucks will be patient with Chris Livingston, but the potential is there

From the moment he was drafted with the final pick of the 2023 NBA Draft, Chris Livingston caught a lot of attention. That was largely because the Bucks handed him the largest deal ever for a final pick in a draft. Milwaukee's front office clearly liked what they saw in Livingston enough to give him such a deal, and everyone was curious to see what he would bring to the table.

So far, Livingston, who just turned 20, hasn't played an overly prominent role. He's spent time with the Wisconsin Herd in addition to his time with the Bucks, which has given him a chance to get game reps under his belt. This year will clearly be about developing the youngest player on the roster, whether it is with the Bucks or the Herd.

In his 11 appearances for the Bucks this season, Livingston's minutes haven't been plentiful, but he's oftentimes shown glimpses of potential in them. His main draw comes as an energizer, particularly on the glass. He's used his 6-foot-6, 220lb frame to fight for rebounds down low, battling for boards with players much bigger than him.

In all likelihood, the hope is that Livingston, in time, can develop into the type of big-wing defender and rebounder that the Bucks have been seeking for years. If he continues to add size, perhaps he could develop into a Jae Crowder type of player for Milwaukee. He's got the potential to become a huge piece of this team for years to come if he grows into his role defensively as time progresses.

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