4 Studs and 2 duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' convincing win over Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks
Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Stud - Jae Crowder

This was Jae Crowder's second-highest scoring performance of the season, and he was integral on both ends of the court in this victory. He found himself mostly given the Kevin Durant assignment, and to hold him to 11 points while outscoring him is a testament to his performance.

Crowder finished the game with 18 points on 63.6 percent shooting and hit four of his six attempts from three. It was clear from the lead of Lillard and Portis' performance that the energy and quality was rubbing off on the rest of the team. This was one of Cowder's best performances in a Bucks jersey yet.

This was Durant's lowest scoring performance of the season, and yes, he registered nine rebounds, but Crowder was key in him only taking 10 shots, three of which were from deep. He hit one of those. If we can continue to see this Crowder in the playoffs defensively, it will make the lives of the other Bucks players so much easier.

With Middleton back, Crowder will be likely to return to the bench, which may see Pat Connaughton or A.J. Green have their minutes lessened, but Crowder will be an important player down the stretch with his defense and ability to hit the shot when it matters.