4 Studs, 2 Duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' emphatic win over the Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks
Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Dud - Damian Lillard

As with a lot of duds recently, I am really clutching at straws with some due to the convincing nature of the Bucks' recent games and the team performances standing out more so than some of the individual performances. Damian Lillard was really good defensively but really did struggle offensively against the Thunder.

He and SGA seemed to stifle each other, which Lillard deserves his props for, as he held the OKC guard to just 12 points. Lillard himself only scored 11 points, the third lowest of the season, with six rebounds and five assists on 33.3 percent shooting.

Defensively, Lillard has really stepped up, which is what the Bucks needed most, as their defense against opposing guards was horrible for most of the season. Now they, seem to be getting it nailed down. I don't think this shooting performance is too much to worry about as he still hit two of five shots from deep, and we know from his time in Portland how he has these sorts of games before ramping it up in the playoffs and being the elite clutch player we know.

It wasn't the worst performance from Lillard this season with his defensive play being great, but offensively, he struggled early on. He'll be back to his best, and we know what we will get from him in these final few regular season games.