4 Studs, 2 Duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' emphatic win over the Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks
Oklahoma City Thunder v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Dud - Malik Beasley

The other dud again feels harsh, as Malik Beasley didn't have a terrible performance as he finished with eight points in 25 minutes. It was defensively where he struggled early on with the Josh Giddey assignment.

Giddey finished as the Thunder's leading scorer with 19 points, nine rebounds and eight assists on 58 percent from the field and hit four of his six shots from deep. On the season, the Australian guard is averaging 11.6 points, 6.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists and is a 33 percent shooter from deep, so it was a case of him being on fire and Beasley perhaps not doing enough to get him out of his stride.

Allowing Giddey to have eight points in the first quarter and 15 at the half wasn't great. The team's defense was strong enough that it didn't really matter. When Connaughton was in the game, he shadowed Giddey multiple times, and only allowing him four points in the second half was decent. Had he been allowed to keep going, then the game could have been a lot closer than what it was.

Again, with these duds, it feels harsh after such a great team performance, and I know Beasley isn't a lockdown defender or high scorer, but there were perhaps things he could have done better, but similar to Lillard, I don't think it's too much Bucks fans should be worried about.

As team performances go I don't think it could have gone much better. Defensively, it was superb, and offensively, it was also strong. They were just a little off from three, but when the defense is that good, you can allow the leeway a bit. Middleton's return has been nothing but great for the Bucks.

Stay tuned for more Milwaukee Bucks analysis in these final few weeks of the regular season.