3 Studs, 3 duds from Milwaukee Bucks' huge win over the Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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Dud - Damian Lillard

It wasn't a terrible performance from Lillard Tuesday night, but he is going to be the one expected to step up with Giannis out. He has shown those Portland-like performances when Giannis has been out of the lineup, and it will allow him to be the center of the offense again and be the lead scorer that he has been used to so much throughout his NBA career.

He finished the game with 12 points and five assists on 45 percent shooting and hit 2-of-5 shots from 3-point range. It was a fairly efficient performance, but he has only scored less than 12 points on three occasions this season, so one of his less impactful offensive games. When guarded by Holiday, it was never going to be easy.

I am expecting him to jump up to averaging 28-30 points per game whilst Giannis is out both in the regular season and also in the playoffs. His last appearance in the playoffs with the Blazers saw him average 34.3 points on 46 percent shooting and 45 percent from three. That is the sort of Dame the Bucks will need along with others stepping up to keep them in the playoffs for Giannis' return.

The reason Dame was brought to Milwaukee was for times like the playoffs, so this is where we will hopefully see the real him. Beverley partnering in the backcourt from the start will allow him to focus more on his offense, with Beverley taking those key defensive assignments and getting the best out of Lillard.