3 studs and 3 duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' narrow defeat to the Boston Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics
Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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Stud - Andre Jackson Jr.

Andre Jackson Jr. was impressive yet again for the Bucks and has to see more time in the rotation. Coach Adrian Griffin gave him just under eight minutes against Boston, but he was incredibly effective and efficient in that time on the court.

He finished the game with seven points, 3-of-4 from the field, including a 3-pointer, which we know is not his specialty. Defensively, he will always bring the effort and energy and may have been the catalyst for the Bucks to fight their way back to contention.

Without Jae Crowder for some time, Jackson Jr. should be in the rotation more with his ability to guard multiple positions. I imagine the thinking behind Jackson not seeing more minutes Wednesday night would be due to his inexperience and maybe the caliber of the wings Boston possesses. However, the only way to learn is on the job sometimes.

His time on the court has been up and down this season, and that's understandable with him being a rookie. With Crowder out, I think now is the perfect time and opportunity to see what Jackson can do and get him that experience of being able to defend extremely talented guys. It may be needed come the postseason.

Dud - Bobby Portis

The Bucks sixth man really struggled Wednesday night and didn't have the impact we are used to seeing from him off the bench. Bobby Portis played 20 minutes but scored just four points and had seven rebounds.

This was just the second time this season in which he failed to score double-figure points. Across the season, he has statistically been down in most categories due to seeing a reduction in his minutes, but he has been one of the more consistent players on the Bucks roster this season.

The big problem was when the Bucks were down so big early, Portis is the kind of guy you want to come in with his energy to impose himself on the game. He did that on the glass, but when it came to trying to claw his team back into the game, he really struggled.

Hopefully he can quickly put this performance behind him and we can see the Mayor of Milwaukee being effective again as the first man off the bench.