Studs and duds from the Milwaukee Bucks' resounding win over the Philadelphia 76ers

Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers
Milwaukee Bucks v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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Stud - Malik Beasley

His shooting may not have been brilliant in the 3-point Contest, but Malik Beasley really turned it on in Philadelphia with an exceptional performance. Beasley ended the game with 20 points on 77.8 percent shooting, missing just two of his shots. He hit six of seven shots from 3-point range and overall was brilliant.

He still sits as one of the best shooters beyond the arc and his 44.4 percent from deep has him seventh in the league. Early on, alongside Lillard, they both looked like they couldn't miss and were integral to the Bucks opening up the lead that was too much for the Sixers to recover from.

On the defensive side, he also had a good game. Maxey is an elite guard, and it has been no secret that the Bucks have struggled defending the guard position this season and held him to 24 points. It may not seem brilliant, but holding their best player to that amount and not allowing him to lead a comeback is a testament to Beasley but also the other guards that also had the assignment throughout the game.

If the defense holds up, then Beasley and Lillard as a backcourt is deadly offensively, and Beasley has been pretty consistent all season long.

Dud - Patrick Beverley

It feels harsh having Patrick Beverley as a dud because we know what he brings to the game is more than just what is shown on the box score, and it is obvious that he has helped improve the mentality, tenacity and endeavour in this Bucks roster.

However, this wasn't a great game from him statistically, and the Bucks were -15 with him on the court as he returned to Philly. He took five shots from deep, hitting just one and that was it for his scoring in the 17 minutes he was on the court.

The +/- is a little worrying as in his last four games, they have all been -10 or worse, which is some concern, but as previously mentioned, it is more than his on-court play he was brought in for but that still needs to see some improvement.

He is still getting used to the new environment, and as a team, they are still acclimatising to a new coach, so I am sure that Beverley will have a much bigger impact later in the season and come the playoffs.