3 Possible targets for the Milwaukee Bucks following new captivating trade rumor

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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No. 3 - Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown isn't a pure point guard, but throughout his career, he's played almost every position. After being dealt to the Toronto Raptors in the Pascal Siakam trade, it seems likely that he could be moved once again if the right deal pops up. The Milwaukee Bucks should kick the tires on acquiring Brown, as he could help strengthen this roster.

The wing could serve as a do-it-all piece for the Bucks, giving them a strong perimeter defender who can also rebound, facilitate, and score the basketball. Though he's not the ideal "big wing" at 6-foot-4, Brown could still be used to defend opposing wings when they step on the court. He's proven he can do all of that at the highest level, having helped the Denver Nuggets win it all last year.

Where things get decisive for the Bucks is the price. Brown is on the books for $22 million this year, which is quite hefty. On top of that, the Raptors certainly will not just give him away, as they are known to be stiff in trade negotiations. A deal would have to center around Portis, Connaughton, and draft picks. Toronto could potentially even want more. Fans can debate if all of that is worth it.

Again, Brown isn't a standard point guard, but he's about as versatile as they come, so he could fill in here and there while also serving as a strong defensive ace on the perimeter.

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