5 Teams that could poach Jae Crowder from the Milwaukee Bucks in free agency

The forward likely will not be back with the Bucks next season.
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Dallas Mavericks

Derrick Jones Jr. was one of the NBA's best bang-for-your-buck signings last off-season. On a cheap, short-term contract, he proved to be a vital cog for Dallas, who made it all the way to the NBA Finals. Now, Jones will likely hunt for a raise, and there are teams out there who may be willing to pay more than Dallas if they feel like the forward can help them like he did for the Mavericks.

If Jones walks, Dallas could pursue Crowder as a replacement. Crowder doesn't possess nearly the same leaping ability or defensive excellence as Jones, but he still could give Dallas another 6-foot-6, battle-tested forward who would be ready to contribute from day one next season. Even if Dallas is able to re-sign Jones, adding another player who fits that description would not hurt.

Crowder is certainly no stranger to Dallas. The forward began his NBA career there, having played his first two and a half seasons there, so there is a sense of familiarity. Of course, the Mavericks look far different now, but still, perhaps the thought of returning to the place where it all started while teaming up with one of the NBA's best duos in Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving could be enticing.