Tier list of 2024 NBA Draft prospects for the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks will have no shortage of options.
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Tier 3: Don't Hate It, Don't Love It

Jared McCain (Guard - Duke)

Likely round: First

Would be a great value to get if he falls to pick 23, but I just don't know if he is what they need. He is an awesome shooter, but he isn't very fast or athletic and probably will just be an average defender at best.

Ja'Kobe Walter (Wing - Baylor)

Likely round: First

Another guy who would be a good value if he ends up falling in the first round, but again, I'm not in love with it. He has the potential to become a nice 3-and-D player, but the defense isn't there yet, and he isn't very athletic.

Justin Edwards (Wing - Kentucky)

Likely round: Second

His talent and athletic ability are enough to warrant some excitement, but he probably needs some time to put it all together, and the Bucks can't afford to wait.

Ajay Mitchell (Guard - UCSB)

Likely round: Second

Decent in basically every area, but not great at any one thing. Mitchell would not be the worst pick, but there's little to love about him.

Harrison Ingram (Forward - North Carolina)

Likely round: Second

Solid versatility with his size, shooting, and passing ability as a forward. However, his quickness and athleticism are lacking, and he may struggle on defense as a result.

Cam Christie (Wing - Minnesota)

Likely round: Second

Smooth shooter but doesn't do anything else other than that yet. He has solid length for defense but needs to get stronger, and he might not be ready to play impactful NBA minutes in year one.

Bobi Klintman (Forward - Sweden)

Likely round: Late first or early second

Has real potential on both ends of the floor with his length, agility and shooting, though he doesn't seem strong or polished enough to contribute immediately for the Bucks.

Enrique Freeman (Forward - Akron)

Likely round: Second

Intriguing defensive player with physicality, energy, and length, but will likely need some time to find his role in the NBA and become more skilled.

Tristen Newton (Guard - UConn)

Likely round: Second/Undrafted

Solid floor general who can do a little bit of everything and is a winner, but he's limited athletically and doesn't have any skill he's great at.

Jaylen Wells (Wing - Washington St)

Likely round: Second

Elite spot-up shooter who also has some ball handling and defensive potential, though he's a little raw and needs some time to put on more strength.

Trey Alexander (Guard - Creighton)

Likely round: Second

Good midrange scorer who is a solid on-ball defender with his length, but he has below average athleticism and there are questions about how his game will translate to the NBA.

Yves Missi (Big - Baylor)

Likely round: First

A big man who can't shoot, which always makes me very skeptical about how he can play with Giannis Antetokounmpo. But he has the athleticism and defensive versatility that the Bucks haven't had from another big before.

Jonathan Mogbo (Forward - San Francisco)

Likely round: Second

He is an athletic forward who can play some center and is intriguing defensively, and he also has some surprisingly good ball handling and passing ability. He can't shoot at all, though, and is stuck between a power forward and center.

Adem Bona (Big - UCLA)

Likely round: Second

Strong and athletic big man who plays with energy and has a lot of defensive versatility. However, his offensive game is very limited, and he has a lot to work on as far as basketball skills.