3 Trade targets for the Bucks to pursue in Jae Crowder's absence

Memphis Grizzlies v Milwaukee Bucks
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No. 2 - Torrey Craig

The next target is a former Milwaukee Buck who is now playing for the Chicago Bulls. Craig was on the Phoenix Suns the past two seasons and so has experience playing a role on a contending team.

He has featured in every game this season for the struggling Bulls, which will make the ability to try and trade for him a lot easier than other potential options. This season, he is averaging 5.3 points and has returned to his normal 3-point percentage around the .325 mark, following an exceptional 40 percent deep shooting last season. Craig also registers five rebounds per game, and with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brook Lopez off the court, he can still help crash the glass on both ends.

Similar to O'Neale, you know exactly what you are getting with Craig. He may not be shooting the three ball as well as Crowder and O'Neale, but defensively, he has a rating of 113, which is better than that of the other two. With the Bucks' main struggles having been on the defensive end, Craig can improve that with his perimeter defense.

Craig is likely to be the easiest to trade for of the three due to his age and the team's struggles. It depends on whether the Bucks look for a short-term fix or for someone who can continue to play with Crowder when he returns.