3 Trade targets for the Bucks to pursue in Jae Crowder's absence

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No. 3 - Nickeil Alexander-Walker

This may be a bit more of a left-field shout but Nickeil Alexander-Walker has started the season strongly for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He is much younger than the other two targets and so could be a longer term option as Crowder is now 33.

Alexander-Walker is on a pretty cheap contract, which makes it slightly easier to trade for, but the Timberwolves' strong start may see them want to keep a hold of the players they have at the minute. He earns $4.68m a year and this season is averaging 5.4 points on 35 percent shooting.

He may be shorter than Crowder, but his ability to guard on the perimeter instead of his size is what makes me think he could be a solid piece to add. This season, he has a defensive rating of 106.6 per StatMuse. That alone may be enough for a team to make the move for the 25-year-old.

Due to his age, this may be the more difficult of the three to trade for an as previously mentioned, it depends if the Bucks just want a short-term fix or are looking to add someone that can have a role come playoff time with Crowder also back in the rotation.

For now I think the Bucks will likely run with the young guys and allow them to grow into their roles and develop their skills with time on the court. It is still early in the season that the front office won't want to rush into making a move and so for now I would monitor these guys for potential moves later down the line when the roster needs fine tuning.

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