4 Tweaks to improve the Milwaukee Bucks before 2024 NBA Playoffs

Portland Trail Blazers v Milwaukee Bucks
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No. 1 - Utilizing Giannis Antetokounmpo’s versatility

While Giannis Antetokounmpo is primarily utilized as a power forward or center - he's spent 99 percent of his time in those two positions and just one percent of his minutes at small forward, according to Cleaning the Glass - experimenting with him at different positions, especially as a point forward, could add a new dimension to the team's offense.

Such a move has already historically unlocked the team's often lethal switching defense and can create mismatches and open up scoring opportunities for teammates on the offensive end.

And though Giannis has proven he can play at nearly every position on both ends of the floor besides shooting guard, there might still be a bit of room for the Bucks to find other ways to maximize his versatility while making sure this is at no cost to the other Bucks. A ball-dominant Antetokounmpo will, for instance, take away opportunities from Khris Middleton — shooting one of the league’s best field goal efficiencies from the midrange thus far this season — and the still-streaky Damian Lillard, whose scoring they will sorely need down the stretch of close playoff games.

But for all of his flaws as a player, Giannis still does have a wealth of versatility that can be used to win games. Giannis is renowned for his ability to score points, but he is also a superb passer. As a facilitator, the Bucks could also look to place Giannis at the high post area where he can pass out of, say, horns, instead of his usual low post comfort zone.

There, he can now assess the defense and take advantage of mismatches while still commanding a fair amount of attention and gravity. When the double comes, he can kick out to open shooters on the perimeter or drive and score on his own when smaller players are switched to him. Additionally, he can find teammates cutting as they roll to the hoop for simple finishes. This way, Giannis becomes a more unpredictable offensive weapon as a result, which also keeps opponents guessing.