Welcoming update on Bucks' Jae Crowder arrives as defensive struggles continue

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In a November 11 matchup against the Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks forward Jae Crowder left the game due to an injury.

It was revealed soon after that Crowder would have to undergo surgery for the injury, which was an abdominal and adductor tear. It came at an incredibly unfortunate time, as Crowder was playing some tremendous basketball, and he'd have to spend the next eight weeks sidelined and recovering.

The Bucks have unquestionably missed Crowder, as their defense has struggled to get off the ground running, and an experienced, versatile defender like him would help. Thankfully, it appears that he is a short time away from making his return to the hardwood for the Bucks.

Welcoming update on Bucks' Jae Crowder arrives as defensive struggles continue

The Wisconsin Herd, Milwaukee's G-League affiliate team, announced that Jae Crowder had been assigned to them on Tuesday. The Herd do not play again until Friday, and the Bucks are off until Thursday night's game against the Boston Celtics, so Crowder is likely joining the Herd for practice to get extra work in.

This is a sign that he's trending toward a return to the Bucks very soon. He'll now get back on the floor and get some reps in to see how he responds to basketball activity. No date has been set it stone just yet, but the veteran should be back rocking No. 99 for the Bucks very soon.

Crowder's return will be big for Milwaukee. Sure, he's not a difference-maker, but for a team that has struggled so mightily on defense this season, getting back a versatile, switchable, and experienced defender like Crowder could give this team a much-needed jolt.

As highlighted previously, Crowder was playing some nice basketball before the injury, and it would be huge if he was able to pick up where he left off upon return. He entered the season motivated to showcase he could still perform, and he will undoubtedly share that mindset after this setback.

More updates are sure to follow on when exactly the veteran will rejoin the team, and tabs will be kept on the situation.

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