5 Young prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should eye in the 2024 NBA Draft

Providence v Creighton
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No. 2 - Oso Ighodaro, Marquette

Oso Ighodaro's unique skill set as a big man, showcasing ball-handling, passing and touch shots, could offer a different dimension to the Milwaukee Bucks' frontcourt if they choose to go with him on either of their draft picks.

Standing at 6-foot-11, the junior from Marquette can do a lot of things most other traditional big men in the NBA can't. No matter where you look, it appears most scouts are of the consensus that Ighodaro is about a NBA-ready as you can be, which could bode well for Milwaukee's needs at the moment.

On the offensive end, there's a lot to like. He can pass out of the short role and score in a litany of ways closer to the basket. His versatility and playmaking abilities can and should complement the Bucks' existing roster, providing strategic advantages and enhancing their offensive schemes.

With the potential to impact the game beyond traditional big man roles, Ighodaro presents an opportunity for the Bucks to diversify their playing style and adapt to different matchups effectively. Considering the rapid ageing of Brook Lopez, it won't be surprising to see general manager Jon Horst find another big man to pair with Giannis Antetokounmpo.