5 Young prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should eye in the 2024 NBA Draft

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Jared McCain, Duke

Jared McCain, a standout freshman guard from Duke, could be an intriguing option for the Milwaukee Bucks, even if it's not the most obvious fit.

We’ve all seen over and over again that the Bucks, despite boasting the all-world inward gravity of Giannis Antetokounmpo, simply struggle with floor spacing. McCain is about as close to a lights-out shooter as you can get right out the draft, knocking down over 41 percent from distance in college. His ability to hit open looks off Giannis drives or Lillard’s playmaking would be a welcoming addition.

Don't let his slight frame fool you. McCain is a tenacious defender with quick hands and good instincts. He can pester opposing guards on the perimeter, a skill that complements Giannis' rim protection nicely. The Bucks' switching defense could be even more effective with McCain's hustle.

Of course, there are questions. McCain's size might be a disadvantage against bigger wings. He'll need to add strength to compete physically in the NBA. His playmaking skills are still developing, and the Bucks already have strong ball-handlers.

Overall, McCain's shooting, defensive energy, and high-character fit the mold of the Bucks. While not a perfect match, his potential as a 3-and-D contributor could make him a valuable piece for Milwaukee's continued championship chase.