5 Young prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should eye in the 2024 NBA Draft

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No. 4 - Johnny Furphy, Kansas

Let's be blunt, the Bucks need reliable outside shooting. While guys like Khris Middleton are lights-out, adding another consistent threat from deep would do wonders for spacing the floor. Furphy's calling card is his shot.

At 6-foot-9 with a smooth release, he sunk a respectable 35.2 percent of his shots from 3-point land in his freshman year. Imagine him spotting up in the corner, creating instant offense for Giannis drives or Lillard dishes.

The Milwaukee Bucks can get bogged down offensively when defenses pack the paint against Giannis. Furphy's shooting opens things up. Defenders can't sag off him, which creates driving lanes for Giannis or kick-out opportunities for open threes. This spacing could be the difference between a good Bucks' offense and a truly elite one.

Furphy isn't just a shooter. He showed flashes of decent playmaking in college, and his size allows him to defend multiple positions. The Bucks have a team that's been in need of development the past few years, and Furphy has the physical tools to become a well-rounded contributor, not just a one-trick pony.

There are a few cons to take into consideration here, though. Furphy's athleticism just isn't elite at all (even if he has demonstrated some bounce at times), and his defensive discipline and understanding of schemes still needs work despite his physical tools. The Bucks already have some defensive liabilities and likely can't afford to take on another one, so that'll be an area to focus on as he develops in practice. But his shooting and potential upside make him a gamble worth taking, especially in the mid-to-late first round.

Johnny Furphy isn't a finished product, but the fit with the Bucks is undeniable. His shooting fills a glaring need, and his development potential is exciting. If the Bucks are looking to add another offensive weapon and a player who can grow alongside Giannis, Furphy could be their guy.