5 Young prospects the Milwaukee Bucks should eye in the 2024 NBA Draft

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No. 5 - Bub Carrington, Pittsburgh

Carrington's biggest selling point is his versatility. At 6-foot-4, he can play both on-ball and off-ball, a valuable trait alongside Giannis, who thrives with spacing. He's a crafty scorer with a bag of tricks to get to the basket, utilizing hesitations and stop-start dribble moves to keep defenders off-balance. This could alleviate some pressure on Giannis Antetokounmpo as the primary offensive weapon.

First, his shot creation. Again, the Bucks' offense can get stagnant at times, especially when Giannis is faced with double and triple teams. Carrington's ability to create his own shot would provide much-needed offensive firepower off the bench.

Naturally, that also leads into his floor-spacing ability. While not a lights-out shooter yet, Carrington has shown flashes of a developing outside shot. If he can refine his perimeter game, he'd become a dangerous threat alongside Giannis' driving ability, forcing defenses to respect him on the arc.

Defense remains a question mark for Carrington, but his size and athleticism offer intriguing possibilities. The Bucks are looking to continue building on their identity as a strong defensive team, and their system could help him develop into a capable defender.

Projecting rookies is always a gamble, but in the right situation, Carrington has the potential to be a solid contributor for the Bucks. He wouldn't be expected to be a star right away, but his ability to create offense off the dribble and his improving outside shot could make him a valuable piece in the Milwaukee Bucks' second unit.

Carrington's biggest concern is his lack of experience. He's a freshman out of Pittsburgh, and his recent slump raises questions about his consistency. The Bucks might need to be patient with him as he adjusts to the NBA game.

Overall, Bub Carrington would be a gamble, but a potentially rewarding one for the Milwaukee Bucks. His offensive skillset and versatility could be a perfect complement to Giannis Antetokounmpo. If he develops his outside shot and improves defensively, he could become a key contributor for a championship contender.

Look, there are no easy answers to this ostensibly weaker draft. For the contending Bucks, their needs are many. Giannis' dominance necessitates a strong supporting cast, not another superstar ball-dominant guard.

Defense remains a priority as usual, and they'll definitely look for players who fit the Bucks' defensive identity. After this year's inconsistent offensive display, though, shooting is going to be more crucial than ever, and they could also be looking to stock up on more guys to space the floor for Giannis' drives and maximize offensive efficiency.

The good news is the Bucks have two chances to hit on a pick. By focusing on these areas, the Bucks can find players who complement Giannis Antetokounmpo and keep them in championship contention for years to come.