Milwaukee Bucks Grades and Reactions to 2OT 113-106 Loss to Chicago Bulls in Game Three

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Jason Kidd, B

  • He was quick to react when the Bulls began trimming the Bucks’ big second quarter lead down to a manageable size. That’s encouraging to see. Kidd is often stubborn with his lineups, but when I saw the trusty paws of Ersan Ilyasova re-entering the game I knew everything would be fine…
  • He rode the lineup of Carter-Williams, Middleton, Mayo, Antetokounmpo, and Henson until the wheels fell off. That unit played the majority of minutes down the stretch of regulation before playing the entirety of both overtimes. There’s no questioning it was his best lineup combination of the night, but there’s also no question they were flat out of gas in the second overtime. Perhaps using someone like Ilyasova or Dudley could have proven to be a good call.

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