Milwaukee Bucks Grades and Reactions From 120-66 Loss To Chicago

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Jason Kidd, D

  • Whether it be fair or not, the coach of a team bears responsibility for games like this. Although the Bulls are better than the Bucks, they’re not 54 points in 48 minutes better. The Bucks came out with no energy and quickly fell in the first few minutes and would never end up holding a lead in this game. Jason Kidd shoulders some of that blame.
  • Kidd stuck with his starters throughout this series, even though Ersan Ilyasova was playing unwatchable basketball and John Henson was clearly outperforming Zaza Pachulia. In a season more about development than winning anyway, why not actually let some young players play?
  • It was nice to see Kidd recognize the situation was unwinnable and go with some guys who wouldn’t have seen any minutes in the playoffs usually, though. Who knows, maybe those few minutes can help a young Tyler Ennis if he ends up back in the postseason with more of a role on the team.

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