Milwaukee Bucks Work Out More Potential First Rounders

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Ziga Dimec

Apologies to all our non Slovenian readers (most likely everyone who will read this) for the video above, but such is the challenge of finding footage on Dimec, that that glimpse is the best that I could do.

Dimec is a 6’11”, 22-year-old center from Slovenia, who played three seasons for Zlatorog, before joining Rogaska Crystal last season.

Rogaska finished second in the Slovenian league, and Dimec played in 40 games averaging over 12 points and five rebounds on 67 percent shooting.

Once again, it doesn’t seem likely that Dimec would be the guy that  the Bucks decide to go with, but as they’re on a look out for a center, they might as well be thorough in their scouting.

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