Milwaukee Bucks Land Greg Monroe, Rest Of NBA Reacts


It’s not every day that the Milwaukee Bucks land a major free-agent, so why not do something a little different to celebrate the arrival of Greg Monroe.

We’re going to bask in the glory of his signing, and take a look at how Twitter, and the rest of the NBA world reacted that the news that the 25-year-old big man was “taking his talents” to the Cream City.

As with most major pieces of NBA news it all started with Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, or “Woj” as he’s more commonly known on Basketball Twitter.

So with that news, a lot of our team at Behind the Buck Pass were pretty happy (particularly Jeff)…

Then there was the rest of the NBA universe (in no particular order):

As you can see, a mixture of surprise, platitudes and most importantly a whole lot of fun to read as a Bucks fan.

On the subject of Grantland’s Zach Lowe, he wrote an excellent piece breaking down how Monroe could work out from a basketball point of view in Milwaukee. Here are some of the key excerpts.

"Monroe gives the Bucks a first option they didn’t really have — a fail-safe for an offense that ranked just 25th in points per possession last season. At some point over the last 18 months, Monroe discovered he could just beat the crap out of almost any post defender. He is a brute, and he can move damn near anyone close to the basket if he gets a little time. He has a deceptive explosiveness to his back-down game that draws double-teams, free throws, and offensive rebounds.Monroe isn’t a franchise-altering solution. The Bucks still need shooting. They need to figure out if Carter-Williams is their long-term point guard after dealing Brandon Knight for him and choosing him over the Lakers’ 2016 draft pick — one that looks mighty good now, with the Lakers having whiffed, again, in free agency.But Monroe helps. He’s an answer to some questions, an improving cog that unlocks a new kind of offensive versatility. This is a smart free-agency strike for a quirky group that could become known for something other than its quirkiness in short order."

An overwhelming message of progress, and that should be the only take away from Monroe’s arrival really.

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