Bucks Crash Out Of Summer League Against The Suns


It was all going so well up to half time, but then any aspirations the Milwaukee Bucks had of advancing into the quarter finals of Summer League fell apart in front of their eye.

Having come out of the blocks firing early on, continuing the stellar play that had seen them get past the Houston Rockets a day earlier, all signs were pointing to another success for the Bucks.

They had an impressive 25 points at the end of the first quarter, and that was then followed up by 27 more in the second combining to form a two point Milwaukee lead heading into the interval.

Instrumental to the Bucks’ good start was first-round pick rashad Vaughn who had posted twelve points by half time, while following a strong effort in the previous game Kevin Jones wasn’t far behind him with ten of his own.

Feb 10, 2015; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UNLV Runnin

The game in itself presented new challenges for the Bucks, as not only did it see them matched up against one of the more talented and experienced teams in the competition, they also were forced to do so without Damien Inglis.

Having played a limited role the night before, the NBA TV broadcast mentioned that Inglis had flown back to Milwaukee as a precaution, and as a result the Bucks had a slightly different look to them.

Whether that made any real difference in the second half is up for debate, but Milwaukee allowed this game to get away from them in super quick time.

Behind the strong play of guys like T.J. Warren, Devin Booker, Archie Goodwin and Alex Len, Phoenix outscored Milwaukee by 16 points in the third quarter, and a further twelve in the last to make the final score appear like a 26-point mauling.


B+. By far Gutierrez’s best game of the competition, it’s hard to understand why he didn’t show more of this hunger and aggression. Twelve points, six assists and most importantly only two turnovers, coupled with some nice shooting from the Mexican for a solid all-round display.. G. Milwaukee Bucks. JORGE GUTIERREZ

B+. Led the Bucks in scoring with 17 points, and once again offered glimpses of the complete offensive threat that he has the potential to develop into. 6-17 from the field was far from efficient, but in this case that was reflective of his willingness to take the game by the scruff of the neck and try to drag his team back into it.. G. Milwaukee Bucks. RASHAD VAUGHN

G. Milwaukee Bucks. SEAN KILPATRICK. B. Forced to step up into the starting five following Inglis’ departure, Kilpatrick started slow before then giving just what Bucks fans will have grown to expect from him. 16 points, including a couple of three-pointers. He’s a flat out scorer.

A-. Another excellent showing for Jones saw him end up with 15 points and seven rebounds, the sort of numbers it looks like he can accumulate with ease at this level. Both his toughness and his intelligence are striking in his play, and even if not in the NBA, he’ll land on his feet somewhere.. F. Milwaukee Bucks. KEVIN JONES

B. By now Bucks fans have probably seen more of <strong><a href=. C. Milwaukee Bucks. MICHAEL ERIC

C+. Was his usual productive self until injury derailed him a little bit. Four points, four rebounds ad two assists from a man who was one of the most pleasant surprises on this roster.. G. Milwaukee Bucks. JEROME RANDLE

B. Scott got the sort of time in this one that he hadn’t gotten in pevious games and he took advantage of it. Seven points and five rebounds was a strong return in 17 minutes of play.. G. Milwaukee Bucks. DURAND SCOTT

Moore has had to sit patiently on the bench for most of this tournament, but he finally got an extended run here and picked up two points and two assists in eleven minutes.. G. Milwaukee Bucks. MCKENZIE MOORE. C

INC. Another man who has had very limited opportunity, it was hard to get a good read of him in just five minutes here, he did finish with two points and an assist though... C. Milwaukee Bucks. UGOCHUKWU NJOKU

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