Milwaukee Bucks 2015-16 Player Profile: Damien Inglis

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Season Projections

The concerns around Inglis’ health look to be diminishing as he looks to be close to fully healthy, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go through a period of adjustment.

The learning curve from only playing professional basketball in France to the NBA could still be steep for Inglis, even though he’s experienced a full year without basketball action.

Although Inglis has and looks to be a solid three-point shooter (he shot 38 percent from beyond the arc in 2013-14, per, it’ll still be interesting to see how he reacts to the longer three-point line on a consistent basis.

Inglis also happens to be a strong rebounder, especially on the defensive end, and could alleviate what was a big problem for the Bucks last season (the Bucks were 25th last year in hauling in defensive rebounds).

Inglis won’t be the normal rookie as he has one year under his belt by being around the team last year, but it could be a safer bet to see him go through rookie struggles as he still acclimates himself to being in the NBA.

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