BTBP Roundtable: Adjustments Made, More Needed?

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2. We saw Johnny O’Bryant hit his first career triple against the Clippers, but with his propensity for long twos is that a shot you’d like to see him work more on?

AM: He’s made one three-pointer for his entire career, so this is certainly not the time to get carried away. Saying that, he does like to take the long two and he can occasionally make it. His stroke isn’t all that bad, so I’d happily see him swap those occasional long twos for corner threes.

TW: Sure! I think we’re all pretty aware that the Bucks aren’t contending for anything besides a nice lottery pick this season unless multiple things suddenly and drastically change, so watching young players like JOB develop more nuanced games is a great thing to have happen this year. Besides, if JOB suddenly morphs into a capable shooter from long-range, then maybe all hope isn’t lost for Michael Carter-Williams.

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JT: While it was literally insane to see him sink his first triple, I still think that it will take a bit of time to even start thinking about what to expect from JOB in general. His overall play has been much improved over the course of the season and I think we should let time to take its course on what to expect from JOB as the season progresses.

AE: If he can hit long twos consistently then he can learn to hit 3’s as well. And that’s maybe the most valuable thing he can add to his game.

JH: As Ti mentioned in an article earlier in the season Johnny O’Bryant is actually playing well. I’m glad to see he hit a three and honestly he seems pretty confident shooting deeper twos right now. I think he could find his range as his career develops. I don’t mind him taking shots that are in the flow of the offense and if the coaches and he, himself, has confidence that he can make threes then why not shoot them. The Bucks need all the floor spacing they can get with Bayless and Vasquez injured. I’m not sure he will have a consistent three-point shot at any point this season but I would love for him to prove me wrong.

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