The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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30. Mo Williams – The Hitman

The Stats: Four seasons played in Milwaukee. 14.1/3.5/5.7/1.1/0.1 on 45.0/36.4/85.3.

The Accolades: 10th most assists per game among all Bucks. Has the 17th most total assists of any Buck. 

The Breakdown: Mo Williams morphed from a role player and career backup to a full-time starter in his time with the Bucks, but unfortunately failed to accomplish many team accolades in his Milwaukee stint. The Bucks made the playoffs just once in Williams’ four full seasons in Milwaukee, and never finished with a .500 record or better.

Williams would go on to achieve some success after the Bucks eventually traded him (no surprise there), including making the All-Star team in the first season after being dealt. That may have had slightly enabled by being on a LeBron James-led 66 win Cavaliers team, however.

Williams may not go down as a great historic Buck, but he played an important role on the team during his tenure in Milwaukee and had a few crazy individual performances in his time with the Bucks. Who knows, maybe the journeyman will end up back here someday.

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