Milwaukee Bucks Arena and Practice Upgrades Draw Nearer


With the Milwaukee Bucks future trending upwards on the court, the latest arena and practice facility designs should only prove to be further cause for excitement.

Considering how long and arduous the process was to get here, it seems somewhat surreal to think that we’re close to moving into a stage when the Milwaukee Bucks infrastructural upgrades will start to become a reality.

Over the past few days the organization has released the latest batch of design renders for both the new arena which will be at the center of a new downtown entertainment district and the team’s new practice facility that will also be in close vicinity.

In a statement released to accompany the latest designs for the arena, Bucks president Peter Feigin said:

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"We’re just months away from seeing the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks and our collective efforts to revitalize Milwaukee begin to move from vision to reality."

Feigin continued by emphasizing how this was an exciting time, and the reward for the hard work of many:

"These plans reflect the commitment of our ownership, generosity of Senator Kohl and historic collaboration with public officials to build a world-class sports and entertainment destination in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. We look forward to working closely with public officials and the entire community over the next several months to finalize the design and construction plans so that we can begin to create long-lasting jobs and economic opportunity in Milwaukee."

The new renderings for the arena certainly brought something different to the table with design aspects that were previously unseen or background features coming more to the fore.

Most striking of all, and also perhaps most controversial, has been the vertical wall which accomodates the arena’s curved roof. Consisting of “warm pre-patina zinc shingles”, many have remarked that the arenas curved exterior wall gives the building a beer-barrel like appearance.


Considering this is going to be the home for Brew City sport, that’s not entirely unfitting. Comparisons to tacos or Donald Trump’s hair style on the other hand are probably best forgotten. There are a lot of them, trust me.

Among fans and experts alike, opinions have been largely divided.

Considering that for a long time there was a possibility that the arena where this team could have ended up playing its games could have been in an entirely different city, it’s hilarious to think we’ve reached a point when people get upset about what said building in Milwaukee actually looks like.

The fact that it’s going to exist should be enough of a cause for relief for all interested parties, and when the doors eventually open for the first Bucks game there, there’ll be no questioning its beauty in the eyes of Bucks fans anyway.


The elements of zinc in the arena’s design carry over to the new training center, tying the look of the whole project together.

Feigin described the facility as symbolizing “the championship-caliber focus and commitment to excellence that will become the hallmarks of Bucks basketball”.

Southeast Corner of Practice Facility. Courtesy of
Southeast Corner of Practice Facility.Courtesy of /

Much like there’s a hope that the arena’s place at the heart of the entertainment district can bring a swell of employment and activity to the downtown area, there are similar provisions in place with the practice facility. Feigin continued:

"Additionally, this new training center is the first reflection of the significant private investment that will contribute to a vibrant urban community surrounding the new arena. The training center is designed to accommodate additional commercial tenants within its footprint and will be a catalyst for additional commercial ventures to begin activating in this new community."

For fans of the team, the upgrade will be most important in hopefully bringing the Bucks preparations to a new level in order to help to achieve the best results on the court.

With signs of exciting development on the court, these latest designs couldn’t have been more timely. There’s a real sense of synergy between how the team is developing into one of the league’s most exciting franchises in both on-court talent and cutting-edge facilities.

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It’s at times like this when “Own the Future” doesn’t sound too far-fetched.