The Milwaukee Bucks Varied Paths To The First Overall Pick In The 2016 NBA Draft

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The Absolute Worst Scenario – Milwaukee Picks 14th Overall

Since I did the absolute best scenario (which is basically impossible), it seemed only fair to do the absolute worst one as well. There is a chance the Bucks finish with a better record than Washington, Dallas, or Chicago.

Those teams have already won 36 games at most, meaning if they’re complete garbage and the Bucks win out Milwaukee could slide to spot number 14.

There is another way for the Bucks to end up there, though. It would be the largest upset in lottery history, an event of historic proportions. Here’s the scenario:

Milwaukee wins a few games and Orlando and Denver do not, dropping them to the 11th spot. This part is possible. Tragic for the Bucks fanbase, but possible.

This part is also possible, but in the same way the sun spontaneously combusting is possible. The Mavericks, Wizards, and Bulls would have to end up with the top three picks.

They each have a less than three percent shot at a top three pick (Chicago has just a 1.8 percent chance) and none of them have a single percent chance of getting the first pick.

I’m no statistician, but the chances of Dallas getting the first pick (0.7 percent) and both Washington and Chicago getting top three picks (2.2 and 1.8 percent) must be astronomically, ridiculously low.

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If all of that happened though, the Bucks would slide down to 14th as those three teams would jump them in standings. That’s the only way for a team to move down, by the way.

The chances of getting moved down increase the closer a team is to the first pick, which is a necessary risk of having that good of a chance. The Bucks hopefully won’t get jumped by any teams.

There are still a lot of potential outcomes before the draft order is set. This is essentially all of them.

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Have fun rooting for the Kings, Knicks and Pelicans, Bucks fans.