Milwaukee Bucks: Welcome To History Month At Behind The Buck Pass!

Apr 3, 2016; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks logos on display prior to the game against the Chicago Bulls at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Chicago won 102-98. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Apr 3, 2016; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks logos on display prior to the game against the Chicago Bulls at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Chicago won 102-98. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

Whether you already love your Milwaukee Bucks history or are looking to learn more about your team, September at Behind the Buck Pass has you covered.

It’s now September, and although for Milwaukee Bucks fans that means we’re getting ever closer to seeing the team back in action, we have one more month to brave before preseason action arrives.

That got us thinking about what the best possible way to continue gearing up for the new season was and we decided that it’d be remiss of us not to look back at former glories (and disappointments) to prepare for the road ahead.

As such, I’m happy to announce that September will be Milwaukee Bucks History Month for all of us here at Behind the Buck Pass!

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What exactly does this mean for those of you who regularly check in with us at the site?

First of all, it’s important to stress that our regular day-to-day coverage of the current Bucks will continue as normal. It just so happens that you’re going to get an added sprinkle of the past added into the mix too.

An NBA franchise is always more than what a team happens to be in that current moment. With construction for a new arena underway, an announcement on a location for a D-League franchise expected soon, and a young team with tons of potential, we spend so much time looking towards the future that we often neglect the past.

For every player and fan that pulls on a jersey bearing the name of the team and city across their chest, they’re representing history, traditions and people who have cared for and played a pivotal role in what the franchise has grown into over the years.

For the Bucks down the years, there have been the highest of highs borne out of championship glory and spells of regular contention, while lengthy spells of mediocrity or worse have also been a feature in forming the franchise. That leaves some details worth remembering and others that the people of Milwaukee may prefer to forget, but in truth they’re all important in informing who the franchise is today, as well as shaping the general zeitgeist of Bucks fans.

Over the next 30 days we hope to touch on it all, and in as much detail as we can. To do so, we’ve come up with a general structure and timeline for our content which you’ll find below.

Sept 1-4: Formative Years (1960s)
Sept 5-11: Championship and Beyond (1970s)
Sept 12-18: Consistent Contenders (1980s)
Sept 19-25: Rebuilding and Mediocrity (1990s)
Sept 26-30: Conference Finals, More Rebuilding and Mediocrity (2000/2010s)

Dotted in between specific pieces on the franchise within those eras, we’ll highlight players of note, cult heroes, memorable games and interesting statistics from throughout the team’s history.

Our weekly Win In 6 Podcast will also fall in line with the schedule too, as every Tuesday we’ll add some conversation on Bucks of a certain era into the mix.

We’ll also be updating some of our previous history lists and will be asking for the participation of you, our readers and followers, on social media throughout.

All in all it should be a lot of fun. I fully expect all of us on staff to learn plenty of things we didn’t previously know about the team who we spend so much time talking about, and hopefully we can help others to learn in sparking debate too.

If you’ve a favorite player or team from the history of the Milwaukee Bucks that you feel we should cover, if you’ve got stories about teams of old or the experience of being a Bucks fan in decades past, or if you just generally have ideas, suggestions or thoughts, we want to hear them.

You can contact me by email at, or you can reach out to us via the regular channels of Twitter or Facebook either.

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So, consider this as a digital cutting of the ribbon. Bucks History Month is underway. We hope you enjoy it.