Milwaukee Bucks: Analyzing Tony Snell/DeMar DeRozan Matchup

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While comparing DeMar DeRozan and Tony Snell seems a bit one-sided, both share a few similar skills, and both are being depended on to give their team a lift in an intriguing battle between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors.

When the Milwaukee Bucks begin their first round series with the Toronto Raptors on Saturday, they will be forced to take on one of the most prolific and dangerous backcourts in the league.

One-half of that brilliant backcourt is DeMar DeRozan, the shooting guard savant who has done an impressive amount to help keep the Raptors afloat this season.

In 74 games, DeRozan averaged 27.3 points per game with virtually no help from the three-point line, making only 0.4 threes on just 1.7 attempts per game.

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In contrast, Tony Snell has grown his value immensely by turning into a knock-down shooter. The virtual opposite of DeRozan, Snell shoots almost twice as many threes as he does two-pointers, doing so at a career-high 40.6 percent.

And it can’t be forgotten the Bucks got him by giving up Michael Carter-Williams — so there’s that added value, too.

Overall DeMar DeRozan and Tony Snell have had huge impacts on their teams, and are undeniably crucial to any postseason success for a variety of different reasons.

Let’s take a closer look at how these two match up.