Win In 6 Podcast #138: Summer League wrap-up, more Derrick Rose talk

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 12: Gary Payton II of the Milwaukee Bucks drives to the basket against Frank Mason III
LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 12: Gary Payton II of the Milwaukee Bucks drives to the basket against Frank Mason III /

In the latest edition of our Milwaukee Bucks’ Win In 6 Podcast, we wrap up the Bucks’ Summer League performance, and continue to talk about Derrick Rose.

The latest episode of our Win In 6 Podcast arrives as we look back on the overall performance of the Milwaukee Bucks at Summer League, and continue to debate the various factors that could be involved in the Bucks’ interest in Derrick Rose and the fan reaction.

The Bucks didn’t exactly dazzle as a team in Las Vegas as they once again failed to amass a tournament win, but there were some positives to be taken from the experience when we focus in on certain individuals.

A record of 1-4 at Summer League certainly didn’t make for the most enjoyable viewing experience for Bucks fans, but with the tournament in the rear view mirror for another year, we can all move on and look forward to the return of real basketball later in the year.

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We discuss what the likes of Sterling Brown, D.J. Wilson, Rashad Vaughn and Gary Payton II can draw on from their experience in Vegas, and how it will impact their respective futures.

Moving away from Summer League, we once again talk about Derrick Rose. Rather than further discussing his fit, injuries and off the court issues, this week we considered non-basketball factors that could be driving Milwaukee’s interest, and examined what it is about the Rose situation has tapped into the most vitriolic possible reaction from large segments of Bucks fans.

As usual, we wrapped up the episode with a dive into our consistently active Twitter mailbag to answer some of our loyal listeners’ questions.

Joining me for this episode is contributor on site and word association expert, Jordan Treske.

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Barring a trade or Rose signing bringing us back sooner, we’ll be back with you again at the same time next week.