Milwaukee Bucks unveil Classic Edition Nike uniform for 2017-18

MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 10: (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)
MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 10: (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Milwaukee Bucks took to social media on Tuesday to unveil their Classic Edition Nike uniforms the team will wear for certain games in the 2017-18 NBA season.

As part of a dual-purpose press conference, the Milwaukee Bucks unveiled both their new Classic Edition Nike uniforms and the date of their Return to the MECCA game this season.

Now, to the jerseys. The Bucks had a lot of great options to go with for this Classic Edition look. Although the red and green Christmas jerseys of the early 2010s may not have been fan favorites, there are more hits than misses throughout the team’s history in Milwaukee when it comes to uniforms.

Ultimately, though, the combination of the jersey unveil with the Return to the MECCA unveil was a tipping of the hat, so to speak: the Classic Edition uniforms are an undated version of the Milwaukee Bucks home jerseys from the early days of the franchise.

The above tweet contains a link to a gallery on with plenty of pictures of the new-but-also-old uniforms, which we know will debut on Thursday, October 26 when Milwaukee takes on the Boston Celtics in the Return to the MECCA game.

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Many fans were likely hoping for the 1990s purple deer uniforms, and that hope might not be dead as the Bucks still have some uniforms for the season left to unveil. Still, this is a nice decision and an obvious one, considering Milwaukee is celebrating 50 years as an NBA franchise this season.

Paying homage to those early Bucks teams–still the only era to result in a championship banner being hung in the Milwaukee rafters–is a necessity. These uniforms are clean, and already seem like a must-purchase item heading into the season.

The shorts length on game days will be fascinating. I’d guess it’s up to the players how long they’d want the shorts, but as any NBA history buff knows they were a lot shorter back then. It’s too bad Jabari Parker, who was at the presser, won’t be able to suit up for that game. His game is a throwback–he would just look right in a throwback jersey.

I mentioned earlier the two uniforms left to be unveiled–there’s still the Mindset and Community looks left to be revealed. Mindset is set to be unveiled in Fall 2017, with Community coming in Winter 2017.

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Conrad Burry of recently tweeted that one of those two would be the black Fear the Deer uniforms that the team wore this past season and the year before. That leaves one opening left–tweet us with the look you’d most like to see the Milwaukee Bucks go with for that one!