Milwaukee Bucks Rumors: Bucks dangled Jabari Parker as potential third team in Carmelo Anthony trade

MILWAUKEE, WI - JANUARY 06: Carmelo Anthony
MILWAUKEE, WI - JANUARY 06: Carmelo Anthony /

According to an ESPN report, the Milwaukee Bucks have held talks about being a third team in a potential Carmelo Anthony trade, with Jabari Parker part of the package discussed.

Now with an open roster spot following the decision to stretch Spencer Hawes, the Milwaukee Bucks may not yet be done making deals this summer.

According to a report from Ian Begley of ESPN, the Bucks entered into discussions with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets, as both parties continue to work on constructing a deal that could send Carmelo Anthony to Texas.

Begley detailed Milwaukee’s involvement in those talks, writing the following:

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"“ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported last month that Houston was looking for a third team to make a trade work. The Milwaukee Bucks emerged as a potential third team at one point, per league sources, but there was no traction toward a deal. Milwaukee has been trying to shed salary so, in all likelihood, the idea of taking back the remaining money on Ryan Anderson‘s contract (three years, $60 million) in a trade wasn’t enticing.”"

How exactly would the Bucks get involved in such a deal, though? Begley reports they would have considered giving up one of their prized young assets, bundled with a more expensive deal in an attempt to create further cap flexibility.

"“One name that came up in those (very) preliminary talks? Bucks forward Jabari Parker, per league sources.It’s unclear which side — the Knicks or Bucks — brought up Parker’s name. What is clear is that Parker would have been part of an outgoing package that included a larger Bucks contract, such as John Henson‘s or Greg Monroe‘s. If that deal had come to fruition, the Knicks would have received the type of return they’d long hoped for in an Anthony trade: a young player on a below-market contract in Parker.”"

Most important in all of this is Begley’s note that there was “no traction toward a deal”. Still, even opening discussions on moving Parker could tell us a lot about how the Bucks currently feel about their former second overall pick.

Coming back from a second torn ACL, it’s no secret that Parker’s future is fraught with uncertainty. As time ticks on toward the deadline for offering him an early extension this summer, news like this doesn’t exactly indicate that Milwaukee are set to pull the trigger on any deal with Parker to that end.

If they have a reluctance to be the team taking on the risk of Parker’s health longer term, there’s a real possibility that this won’t be the last of the trade rumors surrounding Jabari’s future in Milwaukee.

What is certain, though, is that if they do decide to execute a trade, their return should definitely be more than just getting off some of their own bad contracts.

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A full recovery from Jabari down the line could make him a vital piece of Milwaukee’s future. If the Bucks decide his future lies elsewhere, they’d certainly want to make sure they receive a haul that leaves less chance of them ruing such a move down the line.