Win In 6 Podcast #145: Why have the Bucks only won one championship?

MILWAUKEE - JANUARY 11: Portrait of the Milwaukee Bucks (L-R)
MILWAUKEE - JANUARY 11: Portrait of the Milwaukee Bucks (L-R) /

In the latest edition of our Milwaukee Bucks’ Win In 6 Podcast, we examine why there’s only one championship to the franchise’s name, in spite of various great players and teams.

The latest episode of our Win In 6 Podcast arrives as we’re deep in the midst of our Bucks History Month when it comes to our writing here on Behind the Buck Pass, and we’ve decided to have that influence spill over into the podcast.

Over the coming four weeks, discussions on Win In 6 will be primarily history themed, with a different throwback topic setting the tone for each week.

On this occasion, having spent the last few days focusing on some of the team’s most iconic players in our writing on site, our topic was to discuss why exactly the Bucks have never managed to add further titles to their 1971 championship success.

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We started off by talking about the 1970s team, not only focusing on their near-miss in 1974, but also some of the opportunities that passed them by to assert their authority and become a dynasty.

Next, we talked about the team-driven system that had remarkable consistency throughout the 80s, but always fell just short of more star-driven Philadelphia and Boston teams.

Finally, we moved on to the short-lived contender of the turn of the century, talking about George Karl‘s personality and its influence on the team, before getting sidetracked into discussing different shades of purple uniforms.

To wrap up, we discussed the MECCA game announcement, Spencer Hawes getting stretched, and then checked in with our listeners’ questions from our mailbag.

Joining me for this episode was my fellow Behind the Buck Pass Site Expert, Ti Windisch, as well as site contributor and the dreamer who lives inside the dream, Jordan Treske.

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We’ll be back with another new episode next week, as we continue our look back at the franchise’s rich history.