Win In 6 Podcast #185: What makes a nightmare matchup?

(David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/TNS via Getty Images)
(David Santiago/El Nuevo Herald/TNS via Getty Images) /

In the latest episode of our Milwaukee Bucks podcast, we talk about the Miami Heat and what makes them a nightmare matchup for the Bucks.

The latest episode of our Win In 6 Podcast arrives after a week when the Bucks lost their third game of the season to the Miami Heat.

The Heat have proved to be a troublesome matchup for the Bucks over the past couple of seasons, and that trend is showing no signs of disappearing any time soon.

Of course, the most important question that comes from that is whether Miami are uniquely equipped to cause the Bucks problems, or whether their core principles can be easily replicated by other teams around the league.

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To dive a little deeper into that idea, we discussed how the Heat tend to be so successful against the Bucks, and looked for other teams who can boast proxies to James Johnson, Hassan Whiteside and Bam Adebayo.

We then moved on to discussing the recent struggles of Tony Snell, what might have caused his dip in form, and how the Bucks might remedy it.

We also talked about Jason Terry‘s resurgence and it’s sustainability, before moving on to talk about All-Star Weekend.

Lastly, we looked at the upcoming schedule and made our predictions for this week’s games, as well as catching up with the Jack Bauer count.

Joining me for this episode was Gloria Estefan’s biggest fan, Jordan Treske.

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