Win in 6 Podcast #246: The Jodie Meeks trade, predictions for the season

The latest episode of our Win In 6 Podcast arrives as we provide reaction to the Jodie Meeks trade and take a wider view at the season ahead.

Our Win In 6 Podcast returns as we reflect on the Milwaukee Bucks’ final roster moves, and discuss expectations for the year ahead.

Having wrapped up their four-game preseason slate, the Bucks are now readying themselves for Wednesday’s season opener in Charlotte, filled with confidence from their successful stretch of exhibition games.

Not only did the Bucks go 3-1 in the preseason (with the only loss coming in a game where four of the five regular starters were rested), but they demonstrated an ease and comfort with the new philosophies Mike Budenholzer has brought to the team, making for some enthralling and beautiful basketball.

To begin with on this occasion, we reacted to the Jodie Meeks’ trade, Tim Frazier being waived, D.J. Wilson surviving, and Christian Wood earning his spot.

From there, our focus shifted on to looking back across the preseason as a whole, discussing some of the notable differences from the Bucks’ performances and overall ranking, along with the difference following the change from the previous regime.

Lastly, we looked ahead to this season, sharing some of our predictions and expectations for the Bucks in the year ahead.

Joining me for this episode, ready to plead with everyone to turn the page and trust the Bucks, is Jordan Treske.

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We’ll be back for more Bucks talk and specifically to reflect on the start to the regular season early next week.