Milwaukee Bucks Roundtable: Early season reactions and predictions

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MILWAUKEE, WI – OCTOBER 24: (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

With the Milwaukee Bucks off to a blistering start to the regular season, the Behind the Buck Pass staff got together to offer up reactions and predictions for the rest of the season.

Following a tough west coast road trip in which the Bucks went 2-2, beating the defending champs in Oakland and the red-hot Nuggets at high altitude in Denver, the Bucks are second in the East with a record of 10-3, their best start in well over a decade.

The Bucks sit atop the league in most major statistical categories and have gone from shooting among the fewest threes in the league to the second most, just behind the Houston Rockets. The result has seen the Bucks boast one of the league’s premiere offenses so far this season.

In addition, the new-look defense has for the most part forced opposing teams to take lower-quality shots from mid-range and limited points in the paint, transforming the Bucks from one of the worst defensive teams in the league to one of the best in Coach Budenholzer’s short tenure.

After several key offseason acquisitions, the Bucks have received significant contributions from their rotation players in addition to their stars, allowing them to maintain and even build leads when their starters have gone to the bench.

Now with several statement wins under their belt, the Bucks have begun to force the national media to discuss them as a real contender in the East.

With all that in mind, the Behind the Buck Pass team has gathered to share their early season reactions and predictions for what may lie ahead for the Bucks this season.

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