Milwaukee Bucks Daily: Eric Bledsoe staying the course despite shaky series

The latest Milwaukee Bucks Daily is here as we examine how Eric Bledsoe is plugging away despite his erratic play in the Bucks’ series against the Boston Celtics.

In today’s edition of Milwaukee Bucks Daily, we chart Eric Bledsoe’s up and down play in the Bucks’ second round series against the Boston Celtics, Malcolm Brogdon is listed as out on the Bucks’ injury report ahead of Game 5 Wednesday night, and much more.

Bledsoe’s up and down play throughout the Bucks’ series against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals has done very little to quell the concerns fans have as the stakes keep getting higher the longer Milwaukee’s playoff run goes on.

However, unlike his play in the Bucks’ series against the Celtics last year, Bledsoe has made his presence known in positive ways, particularly on the defensive end, as the team has turned around the series in their favor.

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Back to the present, let’s look at today’s Bucks stories.

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Milwaukee Bucks: Switching defense forcing important new wrinkle: Adam McGee looked at how the change to a switching defense the Bucks made following Game 1 in their series against the Celtics has unlocked new ways for them to disrupt their opponents.

Best of Bucks Around the Internet From 5/7/19

Eric Bledsoe hasn’t stood out against Celtics, but he’s getting advice from Khris Middleton, support from teammates: Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote about the struggles Eric Bledsoe has faced in the Bucks’ series against the Boston Celtics and how his teammates such as Khris Middleton have been key in helping him to stay the course.

Bucks pulled together and kept their poise to overcome Celtics in Game 4: Also of the Journal Sentinel, Lori Nickel touched on the resiliency the Bucks have shown all throughout the season and how it shined in the Bucks’ Game 4 win over the Boston Celtics Monday night.

Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s greatness, well-rounded roster on full display in biggest moment of Bucks’ Game 4 win ($): Eric Nehm rounded up the postgame comments following the Bucks’ Game 4 win and the special qualities and characteristics that superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo possesses for The Athletic.

Malcolm Brogdon listed as out on injury report for Game 5: ESPN’s Malika Andrews reported on the latest update listed for Malcolm Brogdon ahead of Game 5 Wednesday night, though she did note that Brogdon’s status may be subject to change as it isn’t finalized just yet.

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That’s it for today’s roundup, but we’ll be back to do it all again tomorrow.

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